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This talk is about staying sane when using eventsouring in your microservices.

Eventsourcing and CQRS are two very useful and popular patterns when dealing with data and microservices. We often find in our customer’s projects, that both have a severe impact on your future options and the maintainability of your architecture. Presentations and articles on both topics are often superficial and do not tackle real world problems like security and compliance requirements.

This combination of half-knowledge and technical confusion leads to many projects that either refactor back to a ‘non-eventsourced’ architecture or reduce eventsourcing to a message queue.

In this talk, I will summarize our experience while applying eventsourcing and CQRS across multiple large financial and insurance companies over the last 5 years. We will cover the Good, the Not so Good, and the ‘oh my god…all abandon ships!’ when doing eventsourcing in the real world…and see how we solved these issues.

  • Introduction to eventsourcing and CQRS - which problems does ES solve, why do we need it
  • Your eventstore is not a message queue - why mixing both up is bad for you
  • No, Kafka is not an eventsource - choosing the right tool
  • Read models are overrated - why you should not start with readmodels
  • GDPR, compliance and eventsourcing - what happens if you delete data from an immutable structure
  • Transactions, concurrency and your eventsource - why serial writers are bad and how to handle consistency
  • Versions, up-front-design and breaking things down the road - how to evolve eventsourced architectures